Solano RCD Staff

Chris Rose, Executive Director

707.678.1655 x 106  chris.rose@solanorcd.org

Chris has fifteen years of experience implementing and managing restoration projects in the Sacramento Valley. Chris gained his first habitat restoration experience while working with Hedgerow Farms in the mid-nineties. Since then, Chris has managed and implemented habitat restoration projects for the Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Colusa County Resource Conservation District and was the Habitat Restoration Program Manager for Audubon California’s Landowner Stewardship Program for seven years. He now serves as the Executive Director for Solano RCD.   Chris is a current board member of the Putah Creek Council and is a former president of the California Native Grasslands Association. Chris graduated from UC Davis with a degree in political science with an emphasis in environmental studies and planning and a minor in natural resources.

Caitlyn Morrissey, Office Manager

707.678.1655 x 101  caitlyn.morrissey@solanorcd.org

Caitlyn serves as the bookkeeper and office manager for Solano RCD. Her responsibilities also include coordinating payroll with Solano County, maintaining personnel records, and taking minutes for the Solano RCD Board of Directors’ meetings. She has over 10 years experience working in various office settings, most recently as a paralegal and office manager at a local law firm. She earned a BA in History from UC Santa Barbara.

Katherine Holmes, Assistant Executive Director

707.678.1655 x 107  katherine.holmes@solanorcd.org

Katherine manages and implements a wide diversity of restoration programs for Solano RCD. She works with a variety of public and private partners to eradicate invasive weeds, propagate and install native plants, design and install irrigation systems, and monitor program success. Her projects have included riparian corridor enhancement, on-farm conservation (hedgerows and wildlife ponds), and rangeland weed control. She chairs the Solano County Weed Management Area. Katherine has worked for Solano RCD since 2007; prior to that she worked for six years in resource management for California State Parks and eight years in recycling coordination for the city of Manteca. Katherine holds a BS in Biology/Botany from CSU Stanislaus and a PhD in Ecology from UC Davis.

Amy King, Watershed Project Manager

707.678.1655 x 111  amy.king@solanorcd.org

Amy has worked for Solano RCD since July 2008 and manages a variety of projects that aim to involve landowners in creating wildlife habitat, controlling erosion and improving water quality on their land. She is a Watershed Coordinator and conservation planner for the western half of the County, and manages a Small Grant program for flood control, a mitigation site on Rindler Creek, and a community-based restoration program for high school students and adult volunteers. Her previous work experience includes running a small landscaping business, conducting research on nutrient cycling in cover cropped vineyards, conducting research on the interactions of climate change, water quality and agricultural practices, and environmental outreach on climate change and sustainable agriculture at UC Davis. She earned a BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz in 1997 and an MS in Ecology from UC Davis in 2003.

Marianne Butler, Environmental Education Director

707.678.1655 x 114; 567.674.5611 (cell)  marianne.butler@solanorcd.org

Marianne has eight years’ experience as a program manager and seventeen years of experience as a watershed educator with a focus on multi-cultural and disadvantaged students. She works collaboratively with partners throughout the region to create and implement environmental education programs for students that reflect priority environmental concerns.  She trains and manages a staff of nine educators and thirteen annual college interns to run K-Adult education programming throughout Solano County that impacts more than 10,000 people each year.

Marianne convenes and chairs quarterly meetings for the Lake Berryessa Watershed Partnership, supporting water quality education at the County's primary drinking water source, and coordinates three County-wide cleanup events every year. She has successfully developed funding partnerships with local agencies to support and grow County education programs, which include place-based field trips for 3rd graders and 6th graders, a citizen science biomonitoring program for high school students, a County-wide water education support program for K-12 teachers, one-on-one water quality outreach at two major recreation sites,  two superheros,  several publications and multi-media  program presence. Marianne holds a BA in Education and an MS in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Sustainability.

 Sarah McKibbin, Restoration Project Manager

707.678-1655 x 122  

Andrea Mummert Puccini, Conservation Project Manager

707.678-1655 x  112   andrea.mummert@solanorcd.org

Andrea has twelve years of experience in conservation and natural resources management. Since coming to Solano RCD in 2006, she has managed a variety of projects focused on restoring and enhancing native plant communities and wildlife habitat on private and public lands. She also manages the RCD’s water quality improvement programs, including efforts to implement Best Management Practices on agricultural lands and coordinating the Dixon-Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition, which assists irrigated agricultural producers in complying with regional and state water quality regulations. Before coming to Solano RCD, Andrea held positions with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy, the California Resources Agency, and the California Department of Fish and Game. She was awarded a BA in English and Biology from Saint Mary’s College of Maryland in 1996 and a MS in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from Virginia Tech in 2001.

Miles Daprato - Restoration Project Manager

707.678.1655 x 120 

Miles comes to us from the Audubon California Landowner Stewardship Program, where he worked for the past ten years implementing habitat restoration projects on agricultural lands, primarily in Yolo County. Here at Solano RCD, Miles is heading up a suite of restoration and weed control projects in the Delta area north of Rio Vista as well as partnering with Yolo RCD and Audubon to implement an on-farm restoration project along Sweeney Creek.

Allison Meador - Assistant Environmental Education Program Manager

707.678.1655 x116; 209.969.2662  (cell)  

Allison has eight years of experience as a resource interpreter and environmental education program manager. Her passion for environmental education started as a fifth grade student when a science camp naturalist inspired her to pursue the joy of sharing nature with others. Allison’s experience includes work the East Bay Regional Park District and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She served as education and marketing director for Micke Grove Zoo in San Joaquin County, where she developed and assessed the curriculum for over a dozen new school and public based programs. Allison is an active member of the National Association for Interpretation and one of the few proud Certified Interpretive Managers in the world.

Laura Morgan - Environmental Education Program Coordinator

707.678.1655 x117; 707.205.7836 (cell) 

Laura has always enjoyed learning about various scientific concepts and earned a B.S. in Animal Biology at U.C. During that time, Laura was part of the Yang Lab where she completed research on Monarch Butterfly coloration as well as helped with various ongoing experiments. On top of being a research assistant, Laura spent her undergraduate career interning at the Bohart Musuem of Entomology. At the Bohart Museum, she led tours, visited schools and helped coordinate educational events for the museum. Laura leads environmentally focused field trips and classrooms lessons for the RCD, teaching children of all ages about the nature that surrounds them.

Jerah Fry - Restoration Field Technician

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Jeff Carlson - Restoration Field Technician

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Education Program Environmental Educators

 Don Broderson-head shot webDon Broderson 

After studying plant ecology and aquatic invertebrates in college, Don taught biology in public schools for 22 years. His high school classes participated in RCD's bio-monitoring program in Vallejo. Upon retirement from the public schools, he joined RCD's staff. He continues Biomonitoring in Vallejo and works on all other RCD education programs.

 Deb Bartens- webDeborah Bartens 

Deborah studied natural history and art in college. She was a park ranger for seven years and a naturalist for 20 years for the City of Palo Alto. After retiring, Deborah happily joined the RCD staff as a program educator.

 Carla Murphy-webCarla Murphy

As a stay-at-home mom with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from UC Davis, Carla has volunteered in her children's classes for more than 20 years. She joined Solano Resource Conservation District staff as a Program Educator and assists with SRCD's restoration projects. Carla has a love of the great outdoors and all natural things big and small. Carla also serves as a Docent with Solano Land Trust and Putah Creek Council.

 Wendy Low-webWendy Low

After growing up in the oak woodland of western Solano County, Wendy studied literature in the redwoods, earning a BA in American Literature at UC Santa Cruz. She went on to work in publishing at small presses such as Heyday Books, and volunteered for urban creek restoration groups and Citizens for the Eastshore State Park. She then worked on agricultural conservation easement policies, transactions and stewardship, as well as open space land acquisition, at Solano Land Trust for six years. A natural teacher, she has moved to environmental education as a program educator for Solano RCD.

Jill Bolduc-webJill Bolduc

Jill has more than nine years of classroom teaching experience. Originally from Georgia, she taught seventh grade life science for two years before moving to California. For seven years, Jill taught biology, integrated science, and environmental science at Fairfield High School where she worked with Solano RCD's Biomonitoring Program for four years. Jill has earned a B. S. Ed. in Science Education with a concentration in biology and an M. S. Ed. in Science Education with a concentration in earth science from the University of Georgia.

Natalie Dumont WebNatalie Dumont

Natalie grew up in Solano County and earned a Bachelor's in Human Biology and a Master's in Earth Systems from Stanford. Her previous employers include Stanford, Greenbelt Alliance, Google, and Solano Land Trust. Natalie is passionate about nature, children, and health. She had the opportunity to teach environmental education through Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford Sierra Camp, Stanford Travel, and Solano Land Trust, and she is thrilled to now be on Solano RCD's education team.


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