Blue Rock Springs Corridor


The Blue Rock Springs Corridor is located in Vallejo, CA and features a 1.5 mile biking/walking trail that meanders along a willow covered creek and features views of hillsides covered in native oaks and a diversity of grasses and wildflowers. Previous SRCD efforts, in partnership with the Student Landowner Education and Stewardship Program (SLEWS) and funded by the Coastal Conservancy, have included the installation of a native meadow, plantings of coast live oak acorns, and a network of bird boxes.

A current grant from the Coastal Conservancy will fund a multi-faceted ecological restoration project at the site through 2015. This project includes removal of invasive Armenian blackberry and Pampas grass as well as plantings of many kinds of native trees, shrubs, sedges, grasses and forbs. The variety of the plantings mirrors the diversity of those doing the planting. SRCD will continue to partner with the Vallejo Watershed Alliance, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, and several local elementary and high schools to bring community members into touch with the remarkable ecological resources at the Blue Rock Springs Corridor.

Project Update 2013-2014

BRSC pic 2- truck w lots of kidsThis project phase has seen the fruition of months of planning and culmination of a lot of hard work. We installed 1190 trees and shrubs over nearly 20 acres. We seeded 1.1 acres with native grasses and planted 0.4 acres with native grass plugs. In addition, we sprayed 0.95 acres of invasive blackberry and pampas grass.

This work was accomplished incrementally through a series of work days with a variety of groups. High school classes, community volunteers, CDF/CDCR crews, and SRCD staff all combined to get the work done.

BRSC pic 3 brown spaceTree and Shrub Planting
Many volunteers, including high school classes from throughout the region, helped to plant a diversity of native, drought tolerant trees and shrubs on the hillsides along the Blue Rock Springs Creek Corridor.





BRSC pic 4 green space

Native Grassland
Solano RCD and the Greater Vallejo Recreation District partnered to restore a native meadow on this hillside adjacent to Wardlaw Elementary school. The area was previously covered by a variety of spiny thistles and other aggressive weeds. Now it features native perennial bunchgrasses and wildflowers such as CA poppies.


Next Steps
Last chances to get involved with the planting phase of this project!
•   Join us for a huge (!) native grass plug planting at the VWA volunteer work day.
    Saturday,  January 17th.
•   Join us for a huge (!) native tree and shrub planting event at the VWA volunteer work day.
    Saturday, February 21st.

If you would like more information contact Restoration Project Manager, Mike Gordon at:
, or  Phone: (707) 678-1655 ext. 122

BRSC pic 1- landscape




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