Centennial Park in Vacaville

Centennial Park PlanA new Urban Greening Grant from the Strategic Growth Council will fund native plant restoration and an interpretive trail along two tributaries of Horse Creek.

A lot of improvements are planned for Centennial Park located in north Vacaville! This 266 acre Park has 90 acres of developed recreational facilities in the southern portion of the Park, but the northern 176 acres consist mainly of weeds.  Solano RCD staff and the City of Vacaville are in the process of changing that…  

Recent activities

CP Photo 3 young treesOne year after planting, the young trees planted as part of the Cal Fire grant at Centennial Park are doing well and have grown quite a bit.

In 2013, Solano RCD and the City used grant funds from the Cal Fire Urban Forestry program to plant native trees along the existing bike path that runs along the edge of the Park. City work crews tapped into a fire hydrant and Solano RCD slip plowed several thousand feet of dripline so that the trees can be watered during the first two summers after planting. At two public planting events in March 2013, 60 volunteers installed 450 trees along one mile of bike trail. One year after planting, the young trees planted as part of the Cal Fire grant at Centennial Park are doing well and have grown quite a bit. The bike trail exists on a former railroad track, and the soil was so compacted in places that the planting holes had to be machine augured for the volunteers. In spite of this, the trees are growing well and are already improving wildlife habitat in the Park.

Planned activities 

In fall 2014, Solano RCD and the City of Vacaville received a Strategic Growth Council Urban Greening grant to restore the two branches of Horse Creek that run through the northern half of Centennial Park.  Over 12.5 acres of native trees, shrubs, flower forbs, and native grasses will be installed on either side of the tributaries.  Additionally, a 4,000 foot multi-use trail will be sited along the creeks, allowing visitors to complete a 1.5 mile loop within the park.  Ten interpretive stops along the new trail will provide visitors with information about local ecology.  Nine local third grade classes will participate in the planting effort as part of Solano RCD’s Watershed Explorers program.

CP Photo 1 auguringSolano RCD staff member Miles DaPrato augurs the planting holes along the Centennial Park bike trail.

As with most of Solano RCD’s projects, the restoration effort at Centennial park will be community-based, and local organizations and community members are invited to participate.  If you are interested in learning more about the Centennial Park restoration effort, please contact Katherine Holmes at 707-678-1655 ext. 118 or

CP Photo 2 planting demoSolano RCD staff member Katherine Holmes demonstrates how to plant a Valley oak tree for young volunteers.

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